Personal Coaching focuses on individual growth outside of an organisational context.
Successful coaching uncovers personal needs, provides the skills to face them, and builds the self-confidence required to achieve individual goals.

Are there frustrations in your daily life you
want to get rid of?

Now is the time to work out why things are this way for you, with the help of a Personal Coach to guide you along the path of identifying the questions you need answered – then helping you determine the answers.

Are you wondering why your voice isn’t being heard or really even being listened to?

In daily life and in business, people seek out a sounding board to share their thoughts, aspirations, concerns and frustrations. As your coach, I’ll partner you within a structured approach, creating space to explore what is most compelling to you.

We will discuss your goals and aspirations, clarify your expectations and detail what work will be expected from you within the coaching relationship. Having established an agreed set of expectations for your desired outcomes upfront, you’re guaranteed my total presence and complete attention during our sessions together.

You may wish to change, yet are ambivalent about making the change. Engaging a coach is a significant step in your quest for the change you desire. As your coach I will ‘champion’ you, believe in you and hold you accountable for decisions you make – without sitting in judgement.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching focuses on individual growth outside of an organisational context. A coaching conversation is structured within an agreement between coach and client, with the objective for the client being successful attainment of their desired outcome. This is achieved through a facilitative process stimulating introspection to generate new thinking, explore options and find answers.

The role of the coach is to help the client examine new possibilities and implement necessary changes. Through coaching, the client develops skills and strategies to improve their own (as well as an organisation’s) performance.

The role of the client is to be fully engaged with and committed to the process, and to be willing to put in the work necessary to achieve success.

Successful coaching means clients learning to uncover their personal needs, facing them and building the self-confidence required to achieve their goals. Are you ready for that?

Personal Coaching is:

  • Listening in a profound way
  • Asking questions that trigger new thinking and possible actions
  • Hearing limitations in the other person’s speaking or choice of words
  • A confidential space where people can think out loud
  • Acknowledging people for who they are and what they produce
  • Generating possibility and keeping it alive
  • A way of allowing people to change how they relate with something
  • A place to explore, experiment and play with ideas
  • A non- judgemental supportive relationship
  • A structure for challenging self-inflicted blocks
  • An environment for making things happen.

Personal Coaching is not:

  • Giving advice, being the expert or having the answers
  • Counselling
  • Fixing people
  • Doing it for them
  • A close, personal relationship
  • A replacement for supervision or management.


Personal Coaching in Action

Typical outcomes from being coached include:

  • Being prepared to challenge myths of what is possible
  • Able to make more effective decisions
  • Design and implement action plans in order to set and achieve breakthrough goals
  • Enhanced ability to deal with confrontation, conflict and change
  • Align passions with strengths
  • Manage people, employee development and organisational issues
  • Build sustainable balanced relationships
  • Increase personal confidence
  • Improve communication, assertiveness and initiative
  • Recognise and build on innate abilities and resources
  • Achieve increased fulfilment and satisfaction.

Being aware of our thoughts, emotions and habitual patterns, we can choose to change them. With your courage and willingness to change unhelpful thoughts and patterns, you can transform from the inside out.

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