Do you have a ‘People Plan’?

Like all organisational planning, your human resource strategy should be aligned with business objectives and communicated throughout the organisation. Above all, it should clearly articulate how your people’s efforts directly contribute to the success of the business.

Are your current structures, people processes and practices enhancing or hindering your business?

Operational ‘busyness’ can take a manager’s focus away from seeing the true impact existing systems, process and practices have on their people and subsequently their business. Clearly defining and effectively communicating the business purpose and objectives of the organisation is a good first step for improved employee engagement. Closely followed by aligning team and individual systems and processes regarding ‘how each person in the company contributes, within their role, to achieving the desired result. Together, these measures help achieve greater employee engagement, individual wellbeing and optimum performance outcomes.

Are your teams aligned with your business?

Research has identified that performance outcomes are proportionate to the levels of employee alignment with the business structures and practices.

What’s the value of employee engagement?

Connecting with your people through clear consistent communication linking employee contribution with business outcomes has been proven to increase employee engagement. Effectively engaging the people within your business has a direct link with their motivation level, stimulating the amount of energy they are willing to invest at work. By creating the optimum degree of involvement, underpinned with constructive structures, processes and practices you can develop an environment where your people are more likely to connect emotionally as well as intellectually and, importantly, to strive within the organisation.

Do your people and business management practices contribute to the business performance outcomes you want?

Using a structured proven methodology we work with you to define milestones and outcomes to indicate successes and performance measures.

If we asked your people ‘What is the direction of your company’, how would they answer?

Working together, we’ll create a straightforward People Plan to be communicated throughout the organisation. Its focus will be on what the business is striving to achieve and it will clearly articulate how your people’s efforts directly contribute to the success of the business.

How can we help?
• We’ll review your current business and people processes with you
• Determine what is, and what isn’t, working today
• Establish desired outcomes with you
• Identify potential blocks or hindrances to achieving desired outcomes
• Partner with you to develop and implement your strategy for achieving desired outcomes
• Our practical ‘hands-on’ operational experience will guide you and your people to access the right resources, enabling them to perform at their best within the business environment
• Using a structured proven methodology we’ll work with you to define milestones and performance measures to indicate successful outcomes.

What's Next

Our HR Services

Review and update, or develop, your:

  • HR documents and forms
  • HR procedures and processes

Management guide and development support for:

  • Attracting and selecting the right people
  • Providing a smooth professional new employee welcome and ‘on-boarding’ experience
  • Establish performance objectives and clear measurement indicators aligned to your business goals
  • Recognising and rewarding achievement

Assist you with defining, communicating and implementing:

  • Business, team and individual objectives
  • Change initiatives, project management
  • Role clarity and structure
  • Employee feedback and performance conversations
  • Conflict mediation and resolution

Interim and in the moment HR Support:

  • Ad hoc operational HR guide and support
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Compliance training solutions – EEO, Bullying, Harassment
  • HR project management
  • Fair Work legislation, National Employment Standards and relevant Modern Award interpretation

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