Peoplism offers clients structured Performance Coaching programs to facilitate effective business-related people development practices. We partner with you to understand your business goals and strategies to understand whether coaching can support your people development plans to achieve the best outcomes for your business and your employees.

Is Your ‘Busyness’ Negatively Impacting
Your Business?

Do your days pass so fast that you run out of time for those ‘important conversations’ with employees? What effect is that having on your people?

In these situations there’s a distinct risk of people becoming disengaged, or worse – unknowingly dysfunctional. To help avoid this, it could be time to create a circuit-breaker, stop, reflect and really understand what’s happening in your business.

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching focuses on the effectiveness of people in an organisational workplace environment. It involves a series of guided conversations that enables the individual, team or group to discover and implement solutions to areas of performance.

Coaching creates a space for individuals and teams to gain reality insights, re-energise, explore possibilities and commit to action. It is a growth opportunity when all parties enter into the process willingly with clear expectations and an agreement on how the process will work.

Your coach will help you develop skills and strategies to improve your own as well as your  organisation’s performance.

You and your team will learn how to uncover needs, face problems and build the self-confidence to achieve goals. Performance coaching helps examine new possibilities and implement necessary changes.

Performance coaching is not ….

  • Making a person work harder
  • Fixing problems
  • Being the expert
  • A replacement for supervision or management

As professional coaches we create a depth of rapport where clients sufficiently trust the relationship to be brutally honest and open in the search for sustainable change and subsequent growth.

The question is – are you ready for that?


Performance Coaching in Action


  • Preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Presenting or speaking in public
  • Becoming a better listener
  • Clarifying expectations


  • General wellbeing – dealing with overload, busyness, balance
  • Clearing the clutter – being organised, clarity of thought
  • Maintaining focus – Improving team meetings

Career exploration

  • Working through self-imposed restraints, getting that promotion
  • Discovering new horizons
  • Rediscovering the passion and joy in work
  • Getting off to a great start in a new job
  • Relationships and team work
  • Sorting through problems; a place to think out loud
  • Enhancing inter team relationships
  • Planning workshops

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